Media Buying Case Study Part V – Adblade




Adblade is by far my favorite, a premium ad network only targets premium audience.

– Reach:  a Top 25 ad network rated by Comscore and OMMA, with distribution on Branded Content sites only.

– Engage:  specialize in unique ad units that are actually viewed and clicked on.

– Optimize:  proprietary algorithm delivers industry leading ROI for online advertisers

Adblade is similar to Adsonar, in partnership with all the major content sites. I think traffic quality on Adblade is possibly better than AOL, but more expensive on bids,  CPC starting with $0.5

Rebill offers like bizopp are not allowed here, but people are still running heavily lots of health related rebill offers with great performance.

Demographics:  middle and older people

Verticals:  offers with payouts higher than $10 (due to expensive CPC rates)

Targets:  financial, loan, mortgage, insurance;  female related offers

Ad campaigns on Adblade are much more like Facebook ads,  an outstanding pic combined with a good descriptive ad copy leads to a stable CTR.

12 Responses to “Media Buying Case Study Part V – Adblade”

  1. Buying clicks says:

    I have used Adblade and our conversion and ROI is exponentially higher then other networks like Google etc. The problem with long tail networks like Google is click fraud, they will give their ads to anyone. I have also used Industry brains and its a good ROI too but very little volume there.

    • Dirty Marketer says:

      Adblade has always been one of my best converting traffic sources for media buys, it works really great for several verticals. As for PPC networks like Adwords, I'd prefer to set up demo targeted squeeze landers to do list building instead of promoting CPA offers or affiliate products directly.

  2. Ilovegoogle says:

    Comscore published this list of top ad networks and reports adblade ahead of folks like Bing, Ask, Kontera, Glam media etc –

    They must be paying publishers more then other networks, that is the only reason I can think that they are growing.

  3. Dizzy says:

    Does anyone know how many employees adblade has now? They had sold the coupon site dealon a while back and I wonder how many people are still there?

  4. Localmarketing says:

    Isnt there of way of getting a free credit with Adblade? I heard you can use a coupon and get some type of credit, is this the case? Anyone have an adblade coupon or advertising code?

  5. Adblade credit says:

    When you create an advertiser account use Code: XCChy7165

    This will give you a credit of $250

  6. Affiliatemaster says:

    Adblade is growing according to Quantcast:

    Can this be right?

  7. Marketing clicks says:

    New Comscore report here –

  8. krista says:

    Adblade links are preforming better then google on news sites mostly. But on many vertical sites, google still does better then adblade.

  9. Kindra Jackson says:

    There are many reviews of this service, another here

  10. David says:

    I think this network was purchased by a company called adiant –

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