5 Hot Internet Topics in 2011

Today I sit down look at the crystal ball and give my opinions on current and future developments on the Internet. It should be clear that all this is my personal opinion and not necessarily must correspond to the future.

Affiliate Suffers

Google doesn’t love affiliates anymore. Many people said at that moment, but they’re partly wrong. What Google really hates are poor affiliate pages with little real value. Google is becoming more and more strict and pulls the websites in rows from the market – organically as well with Adwords especially. This is one of the reasons why those Adwords based affiliate pages get collected and doomed.

Affiliate suffers

It continues by tracking. Unreliable merchants, affiliate fraudulent activities, especially foreign affiliates,  their first impression is increasingly catastrophic.

I always chop a lot about the affiliate market. But I see clearly that the market is not growing out of its infancy, which is due to the inertia of the networks. Technical innovations and better transparency are not really too much to ask, right? When will it be possible to track  “Lead/Sale Shaving” ?


The popularity of mobile marketing will still take some years. Usage is still below average. Nevertheless, in 2011, more ad budget will be devoted to the mobile web, simply because it’s a trend.  Mobile Money Will Make The World Go Round

Online Shops

The most stable Internet business model is still the online shops. Even in 2011, online stores will continue to be the winner if they follow the rules of the market. This business model is simply sustainable.


The industry will change in 2011 but still more than before. Everything has become serious. It’s more difficult, of course, always – that’s just the way things go. More and more Google’s products come to the fore and naturally take away the space for SEO. What’s next, is an entirely new dimension in local search, as it began in the United States.

algorythm changed

Maybe a seeker in London will get different search results than a seeker in NYC, and not only in local search terms ?


It is a little incomprehensible to me how a trend as “Mobile Marketing” will develop, while “Usability”, an area obviously very important, is still completely ignored by most of the people. This is a new market. However i doubt that usability will be a trendy topic. It will continue to be marginal, which seems odds.

site usability

All the above information are with no guarantee, just my thinking. And what’s your opinion?

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